Rob did it 2000 times in 45 minutes! What can you do?

Ever notice how easy it is to make someone’s day? It doesn’t take much maybe smile, a biker’s nod, a sincere compliment. Ever been on the receiving end? Makes your day doesn’t it?! With a little effort we can put a spark into another life. I love this video.

Rob, with the help of some friends, gave 2,000 people high-fives in 45 minutes. Imagine how many of those people left the NYC subway smiling. How many recounted the story throughout their day and the smiles spread to others. And here we are, smiling too!

I still remember the first time I received a nod from another motorcyclist. It thrilled me! It lifted my spirit! I couldn’t stop talking about it over and over to anyone who would listen. I’m sure the guy on the bike didn’t intend all of that, but it happened anyway. One small gesture led to a lot of smiles.

Go spread some joy today!

Just ran across this too!! 8/15

One response to “Rob did it 2000 times in 45 minutes! What can you do?

  1. Makes me want to do something like that! 2,000 high fives and all those smiles! That is cool!!

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