I’m outta here!

I finally got out on the bike again after a business trip to NYC and lots of rain this week! I’ve done mostly local neighborhood streets so I wanted to try traffic!

I did a few of the local streets to warm up and refresh my skills before taking it out over 40 mph. And then it happened … I took the cycle out on a county road up to 55 mph! What a thrill! I don’t have a windshield so the wind hitting the front of me was a bit of a surprise, but compensated by leaning into the wind.

Overall, I thought it went well for my initial journey out of the ‘hood, riding about 50 miles or so solo. I did come back home to grab a backpack and ran up to the coop for a few things. And I stopped and filled up the tank in case my hubby wants to ride later today. I was able to keep up with traffic, start and stop without killing it, and took turns rather well. I still have yet to go on a highway, but I’ll get there with more practice and experience!

Vintage Honda in NYC

3 responses to “I’m outta here!

  1. Just found your blog on Twitter. I’m a new rider too even though I ride a scooter – not a motorcycle-it’s been quite an adventure for me. At the age of 65 I decided to start riding, took the Basic Skills Course at the local tech college The first weekend in May and now I have my license and am ready to go. Wish I would started years ago – like when I was your age.

  2. Heels:

    I find that a windshield is a safety item, additional comfort is just a bonus. A windshield will shield you from; pebbles, sand, insects, bees . . . and the rain won’t sting like pellets. You also get “less wet” in the rain as most water will travel around you instead of into you, except while stopped.

    something to consider and glad you had a safe, solo ride .

    Wet Coast Scootin

  3. I agree a windsield is a good thing. I would’t have thought of it if Orin hadn’t mentioned it after he test rode the SH150i. I added it on and it’s good to have it, especially on the highway.

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