Shopping Detour!

I’d like to take a little detour from all things motorcycle to rant about that fact I need a dress from my son’s wedding in 25 days. I’ve been so out of the mood to shop for clothes {see my March 27 post}. In the past my daughter has been my shopping partner; she knows my style and can put together an outfit that works for me. The stinker went and got married almost four years ago, then they moved 1500 miles away.

Guys have it so easy. Hubby gets to rent a tux. He didn’t have to make a decision on color or style. Just get measured and place an order. Why can’t it be that easy for women?! Where is Tim Gunn when you need him? Or Clinton and Stacy? I desperately need a dress. I’d like to find something that looks good without looking like a middle aged/50+ year old women trying to be 20 again!

Okay. That’s my rant. I need a dress for my son’s wedding in 25 days. Think I can do it?

3 responses to “Shopping Detour!

  1. Heals:

    you get no sympathy from me. Speaking for males all over the world, we have to stuff ourselves into Black suits, tie, black/dark pants and shoes. Usually we are in a hot and stuffy room or outside under the blistering sun sweating in our garb. For some reason Men have to dress up by wearing more layers.

    For women, dressing up actually means dressing DOWN. You wear less, breezy loose material waving in the wind, coupled with those strappy things you wear down below. If anything, you are too cool (as in not sweating hot, well, perhaps HOT in the other sense as in desirable HOT).

    BTW, a 50’s something trying to look 20 isn’t a bad thing. Post up a pix when you get that stunning dress

    Wet Coast Scootin

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