What is she thinking?

What would you think of your wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, or coworker who suddenly as a fifty-something baby-boomer decided she wants a motorcycle? Thankfully my husband was okay with the idea and has been supportive of me as I’ve taken the first few steps!

Most think it is a midlife crisis! I’m not having a crisis, I’m having fun! The kids are raised and out of the house. I now have some free time that had been given to keeping a household of four going. I don’t have the same responsibilities as when I was younger. It’s just time to do it!

Getting a motorcycle is my next big goal. This is mine; what is yours? Just cause we are growing older doesn’t mean we have to get old. Whether you’re in my age group or thirty years younger what is your dream? What steps are you taking? I’m always working on something and trying to figure out how to get it done! Join me. Share your dream with me. I’m pulling for you!

This is me sitting on a used Harley 1200 Sportster dreaming of the day I’m on the open road!

3 responses to “What is she thinking?

  1. Good for you~ to go after your dreams! Why not? Hmmm you’ve got me thinking. Seems my time is spent taking care of others. I will think about this and get back to you {and me}.

  2. Lookin’ good on the Sporty! Congrats on chasing your dream, I’m pullin’ for ya!

    Heidi… YOU GO TOO! 🙂

    Janet/Corn Dog at BikerChickNews.com

  3. There you go; another riding partner: Heidi. Now you two can go on long weekend rides and catch up on all the great “dialogue” on Psych and White Collar.

    My goal is to end my trucking career by this coming fall so that I can go back to school. Truck driving has paid the bills and supplied some adventures, but I think 13 years of it is enough. The Evil Overlord and I are trying to pay off debt since we are going to be taking a HUGE pay cut by switching careers. Fingers crossed!

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