Sharing the Dream

I bought two hoodies when my hubby and I were at the Harley Davidson store in the Mall of America. I figured that if I wanted to see my goal of becoming a motorcyclist I could use a few things to remind me of that dream. At work on Monday I shared my goal of getting a motorcycle license and bike! Nothing like broadcasting a goal to keep yourself accountable!

It has been fun to see how people react to my motorcycle venture! For the most part people have been supportive, yet some just laugh. More of a laugh of disbelief, than joy! That hasn’t slowed me down, onward I go! In the state of Minnesota the first step to getting a license is to pass the motorcycle permit test. So on October 16, 2009 before going into the office I stopped at the license bureau to pick up a book to study.

Why I remember it was October 16 is when I arrived at work I found my cube decorated for Bosses Day in a Harley Davidson theme! It was so fun to see that the team pick-up on my dream to have a license and a motorcycle!

Sharing the dream and seeing friends and family encourage me and support me is fantastic! I so appreciate the fact they believe I can do this! I’m another step closer to my dream.


One response to “Sharing the Dream

  1. I have no doubt you can do this. My little sister rides a Harley Dyna Wide Glide and it’s a beast.

    Of course, as the loving older brother, I HAD to take advantage of the particular model she chose. She said she was prepared to hear it from me. Family knows us so well, don’t they?

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